There are certain moments

When you feel something rise up within you:

A desire to do good, to forgive, to bless and not curse,

A will to think higher thoughts, to walk the narrow path.

Where everything in you had intended to hate, suddenly, it is replaced with an impassioned, overpowering love.

And this time you know that you are not the source of this, since everything your heart has been producing of late has been deplorable - full of weakness and shame.

This love is not from within. It is a gift of God.

And it is to be treasured so dearly, and cherished like the very oxygen you breathe.

Because your God knows you. And he knows your limits. And he has taken you to where you could never have gone by your own strength.

My God, my Father, you have saved me. You have saved me once again.

posted : Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

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